Help ‘tip the scales’ in the 2022-23 NSW Budget

This budget is a big one.

The forthcoming is Perrottets’ first budget as Premier, but it also serves as an election budget. It will outline the true priorities the Perrottet government will pursue in its bid for re-election in 2023. As they say, ‘follow the money’.

Homelessness NSW will be preparing and submitting a Pre-Budget Submission, and advocating to its tune. Without a doubt a major focus will continue to be more social housing. But we also know that the specialist homelessness sector needs a pretty significant boost to recurrent funding, especially our Aboriginal Controlled Community Organisations.

Can we count on you to support this work? We’ve put together a brief submission you can use and adapt to suit your own needs.

Each and every submission matters. When Perrottet outlines his budget (and just how important they consider housing to be, and for who) we will know we did everything we could at such an important juncture to tip the scales.

Submissions close on Sunday, 30 January 2022.

You can submit here: https://www.treasury.nsw.gov.au/form/pre-budget-submission

Thank you for your continued support.

Other Campaigns

Stop Cuts to Homelessness Services!

The 2020 Federal Budget did not include funding for the Commonwealth component of the Equal Remuneration Order beyond June 2021.  This equates to a cut to homelessness services of $56.7 million nationally and $7.5 million in NSW. Homelessness NSW supports the Campaign being led by Homelessness Australia to reinstate this funding within the NHHA.

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