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Diploma of Leadership & Management for ASES

Looking for additional support whilst going through your ASES self-assessment?

We are now taking EOIs for the Diploma of Leadership and Management. This is being developed to support those in services who are doing the ASES Self-Assessment for their organisation.

How will completing the Diploma of Leadership and Management help me with ASES?

  • All learning from the Diploma where possible will enable participants to learn the theory and then produce practical evidence for both the Diploma and their ASES requirements/Self-Assessment.
  • After the training days participants will return to their workplace with templates and information so they can gather and tailor their evidence and complete approximately 2 days work on their assessment and ASES.
  • Participants will then return 3-4 weeks later to complete Assessment Days to finalise their evidence (dates are following)

What will participants need to commit to?

  • Commit to attending all 17 days of training and assessment days (dates following)
  • Commit to completing approximately 2 days work on their evidence for the Diploma and ASES each training block and prior to the scheduled assessment days (dates following).
  • The total time commitment over 12 months is 17 days training, 6 assessment days and 12 days work on the job developing evidence.
  • Have their managers approval to release them for all the training and assessment days (signature required on the EOI form) when they apply to enrol.

What dates do I need to commit to?

The training and assessment dates and the schedule for time outside of training are following:

  • Training days 5th & 6th July 2022
  • Approximately 2 days’ work in own time prior to 20th July 2022
  • Assessment Day 20th July 2022
  • Training days 6th & 7th September 2022
  • Approximately 2 days prior to 21st September 2022
  • Assessment Day 21st September 2022
  • Training days 1st & 2nd & 9th & 22nd November 2022 (Assessment days to be advised for 2023)
  • Approximately 2 to 4 days work in own time after 22nd November and before next training and assessment days in February 2023
  • Training days February 2023 – 3 days dates to be advised

Who can apply?

  • Participants must commit to the attending all the dates and completing assessments
  • Participants must not have a Qualification in Leadership or Management at any level above a Certificate IV.
  • Must be a permanent resident or citizen.
  • Must be working on their organisation’s ASES accreditation/Self-Assessment.
  • Must work for an SHS who will be undergoing their Self-Assessment and ASES accreditation from or before July 2022.

What about areas of ASES not covered in the Diploma?

  • There are some areas of ASES evidence that will not be covered in this Diploma. We will be looking at further supports around the August this year.
  • These will be advertised through the Bulletin or on the MTS Calendar.

How can I apply to enrol?

  • You can complete the application form here
  • Once we have 20 participants (first in, first served) the course will be full
  • The current course enrolment is open now until 31 May 2022

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