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SHS Sector Client Satisfaction Survey

The SHS Sector Client Satisfaction Survey has been run by the Industry Partnership and the NSW Community Housing Industry Association (CHIA) since 2018.

This survey measures satisfaction with services and client outcomes from accessing Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) and has consistently demonstrated the excellent work of employees across the NSW SHS sector.

2021 Survey Key Dates

SHSs register for the survey: Monday 22 February – Monday 29 March 2021

Clients complete surveys: Monday 29 March -Friday 14 May 2021

Results delivered: July 2021

Survey Methodology

Each year, NSW SHS providers are invited to register and participate in the survey.

After receiving instruction and guidance on how to administer the survey, participating SHS providers invite their client to complete the Survey.

The survey consists of around 30 standard questions covering: demographics; client experience of the service; client satisfaction with their current living environment; and client outcomes.

The survey is made available online, so it can be completed via an app, downloaded to a tablet, smart phone or computer. Clients can fill in the survey themselves or with the aid of a staff member.

Participation in the survey is entirely voluntary. Informed consent is sought from each client before asking any questions. No personal identifying information is kept and only aggregated data is published.

Survey Resources

Results and Findings



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