Our Work


Homelessness NSW is committed to ending homelessness across NSW through our ongoing project work. Below you’ll find some of our long-standing work that we continue to advocate to Government and the broader community to improve policy and program initiatives.

Homelessness Census Data

Homelessness NSW have developed a Homelessness Census Dashboard that provides easily accessible homelessness census data from 2006-2021.

Together Home: High Needs Funding

Homelessness NSW is administering High Needs funding for individuals aged 18 years plus who are being supported through the Together Home program. Find out more and apply here.

Sydney Women’s Homelessness Alliance

The Sydney Women’s Homelessness Alliance (SWHA) has been established to assist cross agency sector collaboration and improve a woman’s journey through the complexities of the homelessness system.

Consumer Advocacy/Lived Experience

We believe that the experience of lived experts is fundamental in informing our work across the Policy and Advocacy teams and Homelessness Sector development in Homelessness NSW.

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