Consumer Advocacy/Lived Experience

We believe that the experience of homelessness lived experts is fundamental in informing our work at Homelessness NSW.

We acknowledge that we have more work to do to ensure that there is stronger engagement and representation of people with lived experience of homelessness, not only at Homelessness NSW, but the whole homelessness sector, including government agencies.

Homelessness NSW is currently reviewing our policies and how we work with/ engage people with lived experience of homelessness. Our aim is to co – design our work with people who have experienced or are experiencing homelessness, to best inform our advocacy priorities.

Keep an eye out on this page for more information on how you can get involved as a consumer with lived experience, and resources on how to help people with lived experience influence the way your organisation works.

Homelessness NSW currently has lived expertise involvement on our NSW Policy Council and on various project working groups.

If you require further information, have any questions or want to get involved in shaping our Lived Expertise Strategy for Homelessness NSW, please contact Amy Hains, Systems Change Lead, by emailing amy@homelessnessnsw.org.au.

Other Projects

Sydney Women’s Homelessness Alliance

The Sydney Women’s Homelessness Alliance (SWHA) has been established to assist cross agency sector collaboration and improve a woman’s journey through the complexities of the homelessness system.

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