Consumer Advocacy/Lived Experience

The wisdom, stories and insights of people with lived and living experiences of homelessness are fundamental to our work at Homelessness NSW.

The input of lived experience has been shown to lead to more effective, relevant and ethical policies and services. Our aim is that the voices of people with lived experiences of homelessness are at the heart of homelessness services and systems in NSW and inform decision making at all levels.  

We have work to do at Homelessness NSW to bring this goal to life. We are working on the following activities to embed and improve engagement with lived experience:

  • Strengthening the role of lived experience representatives on our Policy Council;
  • Learning from the incredible team of lived experience experts on the Together Home High Needs Panel;
  • Building the capacity of Homelessness NSW staff, Board, Policy Council, members and allies in engaging authentically and effectively with lived experience;
  • Developing resources and a framework for lived experience engagement; and
  • Establishing a lived experience advisory group.

If you require further information, have any questions or want to get involved in shaping our lived experience strategies, please contact Kate Davies at kate@homelessnessnsw.org.au or Chris Hartley at chris@homelessnessnsw.org.au.

Other Projects

Sydney Women’s Homelessness Alliance

The Sydney Women’s Homelessness Alliance (SWHA) has been established to assist cross agency sector collaboration and improve a woman’s journey through the complexities of the homelessness system.

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