Specialist Homelessness Service Data

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) capture SHS Program data.

Here are some quick facts on the 2019/2020 data:

  • 70,300 clients were supported by homelessness services (38% increase since NSW Govt reforms)
  • Approx 18000 clients were escaping domestic and family violence (38% of all clients)
  • Approx 17,883 clients were unaccompanied young people aged 15 – 24 (26% of all clients)
  • Approx 30% of all clients were Aboriginal
  • 21,790 clients did not receive crisis or other accommodation despite requesting it whilst 17,152 were provided with crisis or other accommodation
  • 58% of clients who were homeless prior to accessing a service had no long term accommodation or housing at the end of support
  • Homelessness services are funded to support around 58,000 clients, yet in 2018/19 provided a service to over 70,300 clients, supporting 25% more clients than they are funded for.


AIHW SHS Program data info

Read information, definitions, and statistics from AIHW on Specialist Homelessness Services on their website here.

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AIHW Housing Dashboard

This dashboard showcases the latest publicly available data on housing in Australia.

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Other Resources

Models for addressing homelessness

A helpful factsheet we’ve put together for providers to understand the different ways homelessness has been addressed across the world and how we can utilise these practices in NSW.

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