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Commissioning Homelessness Services Report

Commissioning Homelessness Services Report

Homelessness services can have more positive impact when they are designed and funded effectively. Specialist homelessness services’ current contracts will end in 2026.  In the lead up to this, we are advocating that the new approach to commissioning of homelessness services must be based on the best available evidence. That’s why we’ve worked with the Social Policy Research Centre to put together our latest report ‘Commissioning Homelessness Services: A Review of Possible Approaches’.

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Rare, Brief and Non-Recurring: A System Wide Approach to Ending Homelessness Together

August 7, 2023

Read our report 'Rare, Brief, and Non-Recurring: A System-Wide Approach to Ending Homelessness Together.' This report outlines our strategy, insights, and vision for a future without homelessness in NSW. You can watch the recording from our launch event here.

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