Homelessness NSW produces a wide range of resources about the causes of homelessness and the diverse program and service delivery approaches that are taken to prevent it. Browse through the list of tools that we have created or contributed to from help and support through to COVID-19 and bushfires.



2023 Factsheet for the Client Satisfaction Survey

Read the 2023 Client Satisfaction Survey Factsheet


2023 Briefing for the Client Satisfaction Survey

Please join us for a Virtual Briefing session for the Client Satisfaction Survey.

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Indexation Explainer: What is it, and what does it mean for SHS?

Read our indexation explainer to learn about indexation, what it does and what it means for SHS.


First Nations Sector Hub

If you are an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander worker, this page is for you. From training opportunities through to information on how you can have a yarn at our Communities of Practices, you will find everything you need here to assist you and your work with clients.

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Models for addressing homelessness

A helpful factsheet we’ve put together for providers to understand the different ways homelessness has been addressed across the world and how we can utilise these practices in NSW.

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NSW Census Data and HNSW Factsheets

Homelessness NSW produced a series of infographics that provide information on homelessness in Australia and NSW based on data collected from the 2016 Census. These infographics include analysis of cohorts from rough sleeping to older people to a local government analysis.

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Specialist Homelessness Service Data

Read the most up to date statistics on Specialist Homelessness Service Program data from The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

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