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DCJ Policy Update: SHS to discontinue use of PWI with Aboriginal People

In response to sector feedback around the Personal Wellbeing Index (PWI) and concerns of its suitability for Aboriginal people, Homelessness NSW has been advocating for clear, consistent messaging from DCJ regarding PWI’s.

In a recent update, DCJ has announced that “the Personal Wellbeing Index (PWI) is currently not recommended for use with clients who are Aboriginal.”

This is a monumental decision and a change that makes Specialist Homelessness Services safer for Aboriginal people.

This should have no impact on provider data collection requirements.

If you have any concerns around the implementation of this please contact Jessie at jessie@homelessnessnsw.org.au.

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Introducing the Housing and Homelessness Dashboard

July 7, 2023

The Homelessness and Housing Dashboard aims to use data to tell the broader story of homelessness as a systemic issue. To make homelessness a rare, brief and non-recurring experience requires action across a range of complex issues. The Dashboard helps us to understand where our efforts can be targeted to achieve such change.

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