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Submission to the National Plan: Our call for a system-wide approach to ending homelessness 

In our submission to the consultation on the development of the National Housing and Homelessness Plan we emphasised the importance of a human rights-based approach to housing and homelessness and addressing the structural drivers of homelessness (particularly poverty and discrimination). We advocated for a plan that commits to the principles of, and sets out specific levels for action to prioritise:  

  • Lived experience at the heart of change; 
  • Evidence-based policy and practice; 
  • Flexible systems and localised solutions; 
  • Addressing systemic discrimination; 
  • Connections to communities and social inclusion; 
  • Person-centred systems and services; 
  • Cultural safety and self-determination; 
  • Trauma-informed and trauma-preventative systems and services; and 
  • Preventing and responding to climate risks. 

We called for a dedicated First Nations Housing and Homelessness Plan, clear measurable targets and an independent Advisory Council to govern the plan’s design and implementation. 

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January 30, 2021

We sent this special ‘Thank You’ video to members and the sector to let them know how much we appreciated their work in keeping us safe through COVID-19. Watch again here!

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