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In 2022, Homelessness NSW embarked on a journey to delve into the wellbeing of our dedicated workers in the Specialist Homelessness Service (SHS) sector.

Partnering with The Wellbeing Lab and consultant Samantha McGolrick, we conducted the “Specialist Homelessness Service Sector Worker Wellbeing Survey” from July to August 2022.

This survey engaged 112 passionate workers from 12 Specialist Homelessness Services, resulting in valuable insights on sector wellbeing. We are thrilled to share the report, “Enhancing Wellbeing in the Specialist Homelessness Service Sector: Insights from Homelessness NSW’s 2022 Specialist Homelessness Service Sector Worker Wellbeing Survey”.

Download a copy of the full Report here.


Key Findings: 

  • Unique Struggles: The SHS sector confronts distinctive challenges that contribute to a unique perception of struggle among its workers. However, this survey revealed a reluctance among workers to acknowledge these struggles, emphasising the need to address this hesitancy in promoting wellbeing.
  • Diverse Wellbeing Levels: Worker wellbeing in the SHS sector varies significantly based on service type and location. Tailoring wellbeing strategies to individual workplace cultures and capabilities is essential for effective improvement.
  • Workplace Impact: Workplace norms, attitudes, and actions significantly affect SHS workers’ wellbeing. Meeting basic psychological needs such as autonomy, competence, belonging, inclusion, diversity, physical safety, and access to resources fosters motivation, energy, and contributes to positive thriving workplaces.


Next Steps:

Homelessness NSW remains committed to leveraging these findings for positive change. We will continue to adopt an evidence-based approach to our learning and development strategy, building upon the report’s findings to enhance wellbeing, foster a supportive culture, and equip SHS employees with the skills and resources needed for growth—both professionally and personally.

For further details and additional resources related to wellbeing definitions and measurement, please visit this The Wellbeing lab website.

We encourage you to explore the full report and share these valuable insights within your organisation. Together, we can make a positive impact and ensure the wellbeing of those who work tirelessly to address homelessness.

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